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    SCHAERER MEDICAL is a leading solution provider of mobile surgical tables and accessories for safe patient positioning
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Core Products

Schaerer ARCUS

Schaerer Medical is a leading Swiss and U.S.A. manufacturer of mobile specialty surgical tables and medical accessories in the industry. We cover products for all surgical disciplines and fields of applications. 

We develop products and solutions for the best possible treatment for the patient. 

Trading Products

Selected products from renowned companies to fulfill your requirements 

Complementation of our product portfolio and our medical solutions to fulfill the surgeons requirements. Product examples:

Mobile surgical tables and chairs, Advanced C-arm tables, Patient trolleys, Treatment tables, OR-table extension for DAA (hip surgery), Patient positioners and medical equipment, Mobile medical furniture, Operating lamps and pendants, Surgical instruments and containers.

 Everything from a single source to support your OR needs.  

After Sales & Support

Outstanding support and site service for 2 year free maintenance

For all customers Demo- and Back-up units are available.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Schaerer Medical products are designed to ensure patient safety and improve clinical outcomes. 
  • We specialize in safe patient positioning for all kind of surgeries and treatment.

Benefits for the Clinical Staff

  • Schaerer Medical focuses on products for the safe handling of both patients and equipment. 
  • Our tables and accessories allows for accurate patient positioning.
  • They are easy to use products that has a reduced set-up time.

Benefits for the Surgeon

  • Schaerer Medical products are designed to ensure unobstructed access to the operating area for the surgeons. For example, equipment such as the C-arm.
  • Our products ensure an ergonomic working position for the surgeons without restrictions or limitations.

Benefits for the Hospital

  • Schaerer Medical offers high quality products, services and value.
  • Our products are reliable, durable and long lasting.

The world's best surgeons work with 

High Quality Surgical Tables and Accessories

from Schaerer Medical - Switzerland  and USA  

Experience 130+
Years of Innovation

Distribution 75+
Countries Worldwide

Customers 1,000+
Success Stories

Schaerer Medical - Cincinnati, Ohio


Our high quality mobile table products are the ARCUS 501, Schaerer 7300. They are reasonably priced to fit within your allotted budget to meet your surgical needs. We specialize in General surgery, Neuro/Spine surgery, Urology, Gynecology Orthopedic and Traumatology.


Schaerer Medical offers a comprehensive range of accessories, which complements the functionality of the table. We offer General and Specialized accessories. We offer unique and complete solutions in highly specialized surgical disciplines such as Neuro/Spine with the CSF system and Ortho/Trauma with the MTS system, Chick LP or Infant Cast Table. Accessories can make the difference for best treatment results.


  Our engineering department will develop and manufacture any custom design products to accommodate and fulfill your O.R. requirements.