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Akrus Mobile Surgical Tables available in Switzerland and United States

Ideal for Outpatient Centers and Medical Practices

SC 5010 SEK,  SC 5010 ES/HS, AK 480

For General, Ortho, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Plastic, Maxillafacial Surgery. 

Distributed in Switzerland/USA/ Partially International

The mobile surgical tables and chairs have been developed with the invaluable input from doctors, nursing staff from the operating theatre and our competent industrial partners.

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SchureMed Patient Positions Tools

SchureMed Provides Practical Patient Positioning

SchureMed – The Better Choice

SchureMed’s focus, as a medical equipment manufacturer, is on providing innovative surgical patient positioning equipment and devices. Our design practice is centered on improving patient safety and comfort, while addressing critical patient positioning challenges that gynecological, urological, laparoscopic, and orthopedic surgical procedures present.

​Distributed in Switzerland/USA/ Partially International

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