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Schaerer Core Products

Three Surgical Table lines and more Trading table lines in various segments for all surgical disciplines. Swiss / US engineering and production. Precisely developed and produced for longevity.


Schaerer Accessories

Versatile general accessories for all disciplines and highly specialized accessories dedicated for Neuro and Spine, Ortho and Trauma surgery. 


Schaerer Trading Products

Selected products from renowned companies to complement our product portfolio and medical solutions to fulfill the surgeons requirements. 


​Schaerer Core Products

​Schaerer ARCUS Series | The heavy weight high end table

Premium Line


The Schaerer ARCUS 501 is a universal table for all surgical disciplines with one electro-hydraulically driven joint. Removable two-part seat plate bars to connect specialized accessories. 

More than 10 unique features and benefits which makes the difference compared to others surgical tables. A large X‐ray window of 48.8" with 1100lbs/500kg patient weight capacity and  800lbs/360kg patient dynamic weight capacity. The average height adjustment from low height of 23.8" to 47.2" high, which means Arcus is the table with no limitations.

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The Schaerer ARCUS 601 is an universal table for General, Gyn/Uro, Neuro, ENT and Ophthalmology. With two electro-hydraulically driven joints for top movements for the seat plate and leg plates, the table can be set in multiple positions. Manually adjustable head plate with gas pressure spring makes for easy positioning for anesthesia. 

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The Schaerer ARCUS 701 is an universal table specifically specialized for Neuro/Spine and Ortho/Trauma surgery. The modules listed below allow set up of the table for the surgeons specialty preference. 

The CSF (Carbon Spine Frame) has 529lbs patient weight capacity and no need of floor support.

The Carbon plates have 36" or 55" 360 degree imaging

ARCUS 701 is a Arcus 501 but without seat plate saving money for the seat plate if you use MTS, CSF.

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​Schaerer AXIS Series | The most cantilevered high end table 

Top Line

Schaerer 7300 for USA

AXIS 500

The Schaerer AXIS 500 is the most successful product line of Schaerer.
The universal table is for all surgical disciplines with one electro-hydraulically driven joint. Removable two-part seat plate bars that connects to high specialized accessories. 
Due to the unique cantilevered column design AXIS offers the largest X‐ray window of 1450mm/57" with 220kg/  485lbs patient weight capacity and unobstructed C-arm access. There is no sliding needed. AXIS is the ideal imaging table and sets the standards in this range.  
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Schaerer 7300

The Schaerer 7300 is an universal OT-table designed for US market requirements and it is our most successful product in the United States. 

The 7300 model is basically the same as the AXIS 500 with some differences such as no foot switchers (all controlled from the handcontrol), 4 wheels instead of 3 double castor wheels, different pad size and some other accessories.

The main functionality remains the same 

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AXIS 700

The Schaerer AXIS 700 is an universal table that specializes in Neuro/Spine and Ortho/Trauma surgery. 

The CSF (Carbon Spine Frame) has 200kg/441lbs patient weight capacity and no need of floor support.

The Carbon plates have 850 or 1400mm/36 or 55"

Arcus 701 is a Arcus 501 but without seat plate. Save money for the seat plate if you use, the CSF.

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AXIS 600

The Schaerer AXIS 600 is an universal OT-table for General, Gyn/Uro, Neuro, ENT, Ophthalmology with two electro-hydraulically driven joints for top movements for the seat plate and leg plates. Manually adjustable head plate with gas pressure spring. 


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Advanced Line

​Specialized and General Accessories

Specialized Accessories | for Orthopaedics, Neuro & Spine

Schaerer CSF

The unique Schaerer CSF Carbon Spine Frame for ARCUS and AXIS series is an solution for patient positioning in spine surgery. It has great benefits such as motorized table top adjustment, unhindered access for the anaesthetist and the C-arm and up to 240kg/ 529lbs patient weight capacity without floor support. 
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Schaerer 7300 Orthopedic

With a flexible cantilevered design, the schaerer® 7300 is a complete solution for orthpedics, from lower extremity fracture repairs to shoulder, knee, spine and other procedures. It is specifically designed for maximum patient and C-arm access.
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Montreal Lateral Positioning Device

The Montreal Lateral Positioning Device (13200) transforms any general surgical table into a specialty
table. Use it for any operation performed in the lateral decubitus position involving the total hip.

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The CHICK® LP is the answer to many of the imaging problems facing orthopedic surgeons in the operating room. It is made with a radiolucent carbon fiber composite top that eliminates metallic structures. As a result, surgical procedures are more timely and accurat
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Infant Cast Table & 
Traction Conversion Kit

Designed to be versatile; with or without traction.
Full body casting, hip and shoulder spicas.
Compact and light weight.     
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Schure Spine Frame

The Schure Spine Frame or Wilson Frame provides a convenient and stable method for maintaining patients in a flexed position for various lumbar procedures. Made with carbon composites and high impact plastics.
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RotexTable® (in Switzerland/USA)

The RotexTable® from Condor is the first electrically operated positioning aid for hip operations such as hip arthroscopy or endoprosthetics. It can be connected to most of OT-tables in the market with adapters.
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General Accessories


A wide range of accessories for all our Tables and Systems for any possible situation. Examples:

Arm Rests

A wide range of Arm rests are available in our product portfolio.
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A wide range of fix or rotating clamps are available.        Rround or square adapter. 

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Goepel Leg Holder

Various other Leg holders and Stirrups are available.
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Disposables & Drapes 

A wide range of disposables and drapes are available.
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​​Schaerer Trading Products

Condor MedTec

RotexTable® and Shoe

Motorized Leg Positioning System. For hip arthroplasty (DAA) and hip arthroscopy.

Distributed in Switzerland/USA

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Patient Products

Surgical patient positioning products for the Operating Room.

Distributed in Switzerland/USA/ Partially International

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SC 5010 SEK,  SC 5010 ES/HS, AK 480

For General, Ortho, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Plastic, Maxillafacial Surgery

Distributed in Switzerland/USA/Partially International

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Various manufacturers

Disposables and other accessories
Drapes, Pads, others

Distributed in USA

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C-arm Table imagiQ2
Advanced table for Cardiovascular, Pain Management, Urology, ERCP, ...

Distributed in Switzerland/USA/Partially International
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Patient Positions Tools

Surgical patient positioning equipment and devices. Stirrups, Bariatric products, Patient positioners.

Distributed in Switzerland/USA/ Partially International

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