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    Schaerer Axis / 7300

    As surgeon I have always to question my work, my tools and my team to push the boundaries in terms of innovation and precision. Working the last years with Schaerer Medical and the Schaerer OT-Tables showed me that products from Switzerland always exceeds my expectations.

Schaerer Axis 500 / 7300

The universal table for all surgical disciplines

With one electro-hydraulically driven table top movement for the seat plate. Removable, two- part seat plate bars. The unique design of the Axis 500 / 7300 provides the entire surgical team with enhanced access to the patient during urological, gynaecological, obstetric, Neuro/Spine and general surgery procedures. Manually adjustable head and leg plates supported by gas pressure springs. Universal table for all accessories, including extension devices OTZ, MTS, MIS, Carbon-plate and Carbon Spine Frame. X-ray transparency 1450mm/57".


Top Line


Design innovation: 
Copied often – never reached Material innovation: Carbon accessories

Engineering innovation: 
Best-in-class features and versatility

Ergonomic innovation: 
Tables and accessories designed for ease of use

Safety innovation: 
Patient safety and patient comfort features

​Schaerer Axis 500 / 7300 in Detail

Unique Benefits of Schaerer AXIS 500 / 7300 table
Highest capacity for eccentric column table

Highest weight capacity of 220kg/485lbs for a cantilevered column table with 1450mm/57" X-Ray window. This means more safety for all kind of patient positions, all kind of operations, all surgical disciplines and a much more stable table.

Highest grade stainless steel table

Full Stainless steel without rubber cover on the column makes the table ideal from hygienic perspective.

Largest X-ray window in the market

Due to its very eccentric column design, highest X-ray window in market. No need for sliding! Copied often – never reached!

Highest Durability of hand control
Hand control design with several functions and LCD screen. Automatic system check show failures for first level service information without delay. Programming features, different language options, adjust “Level” position, additional check for connections.
Highest safety features
Schaerer AXIS / 7300 is additionally equipped with a second built-in panel controlled an independent circuit. If in an emergency situation the main system fails, the operating table can be controlled with the emergency panel.
Highest patient comfort
Our viscoelastic pads are electric conductive, silicon and phthalate-free, 69mm/2,7" high, Velcro free, Ultrasonic welded seams. Easy removable and attachable. Appropriate for long operations and heavy weight patients.
Highest flexibility
Axis is offered in different variations to fully comply with user’s needs.
Maximum cantilevered column
Maximum access for the surgeon, nurses and technicians without additional longitudinal shifting. Table top area extends beyond the column up to 1450mm/57". 
Maximum ergonomy
The small T-shape base design provides the most ergonomic and easy access for the surgeons.
Maximum stability
The use of high quality Swiss materials and components ensures strength and a long service life. 220kg/485lbs all position dynamic weight capacity. Patient weight up to 350kg/ 771lbs.
Maximum safety
Only Schaerer operating tables have two independent motor pump systems that can be powered by batteries for several operating days.
Highest quality
Swiss precision wherever you operate since 1892. Manufactured in Switzerland with design and engineering of highest standards. More than 100 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing surgical tables.
Maximum quality with Swiss precision
Manufactured in Switzerland with design and engineering on highest standards, in accordance with certified quality standards  ISO 13485:2016.

Free to control

The intuitive hand control ergonomically shaped, clearly arranged keypad and LCD display of all important functions

Emergency operating panel: the second control system can be activated through the integrated emergency operating panel.


Maximum free space for C-arm utilisation in the basic position

Maximum free space for C-arm utilisation in the reverse position

Laparoscopic interventions with stirrups and intermediate plate
Gynaecological and urological intervention with Stirrups for flat and lithotomic positions
Lateral positioning for nephrectomy and posteriolateral spinal column surgery
Orthopedis in supine position
Shoulder surgery
Infant Cast Table
Cholescystectomy positioning table top from the column 1600mm/63", provides 1450mm/57" X-ray transparency (Schaerer AXIS 500/600)
Positioning for hand surgery with hand surgery table without floor support

Rectum positioning

Spine intervention with four post positioning system Carbon Spine Frame CSF
Spine intervention in prone position with Schure Spine Frame (Wilson Frame)
Aluminium or radiolucent headrest system with 3-pin rigid cranial fixation. For supine, prone, lat- eral and sitting positions. Offers excellent stability and flexibility. With adapter for DORO or Mayfield systems.
Orthopedis in lateral position
With Carbon-Fibre-Plate
CHICK® LP Fracture Table
Modular Traction System “MTS”
One surgical table – Multiple disciplines

General Surgery

Traction for Femur - 2 Legs

MTS Trolley

Traction for Femur – 1 Leg

Shoulder Surgery

MIS-bar – direct anterior approach (DAA) and hip arthroscopies


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